Netflix Movies Starring Ned Beatty

Stocky, genial looking supporting actor who was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Ned Beatty has continually displayed his versatility in cinema since first appearing alongside Burt Reynolds being brutalized in the backwoods nightmare of Deliverance (1972). Beatty and Reynolds struck up a friendship together, and Ned has since been cast by Burt in several other films together including White Lightning (1973), W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings (1975), and the abysmal Stroker Ace (1983).Ned's talents were also noticed by others in Hollywood and he was cast in many key productions of the 1970s turning in stellar performance, including an Academy Award nomination of Best Supporting Actor for his role in Network (1976). Beatty was also marvelous in Nashville (1975), under fire from a crazed sniper in The Deadly Tower (1975), an undercover FBI man in the action/comedy Silver Streak (1976), as Lex Luthor's bumbling assistant, Otis, in the blockbuster Superman (1978). Read more on iMDB