Netflix Movies Starring Anne Heche

Anne Heche's tumultuous childhood began on May 25, 1969, when she was born in Aurora, Ohio, into the fundamentalist Christian family of Nancy Abigail (Prickett) and Donald Joseph Heche. She has Swiss, German, Norwegian, and British Isles ancestry. Her father was an itinerant Baptist minister and choir director who relocated his family yearly in search of work. It was not until 1983 when it was discovered that he had, in actuality, been holding down a double life as a homosexual businessman. Heche lived in several towns in Ohio and in Atlantic City, NJ among other places, while enduring what she claimed was a painful and loveless childhood that included sexual abuse by her father. Heche admittedly retreated into her own fantasy land to escape, standing out with her childhood forays into acting. Before long, though, her family's desperate financial situation necessitated that everyone do their share to bring home the rent, and 12-year-old Heche obliged after landing her first professional acting job at a New Jersey dinner theater. Read more on iMDB