Netflix Movies Starring Ralf Moeller

Star of the Television series, Conan (1997), and a featured performer in such blockbuster films as The Scorpion King (2002) and Gladiator (2000), Ralf Moeller is renowned for his powerful physique and rugged good looks. That's to be expected of a former Mr. Universe, who was also the German Bodybuilding Champion of the International Federation of Body Builders, a champion boxer and worked as a professional swimmer for seven years.In a major departure from his action-oriented dramatic roles, Ralf has signed on as a featured player in Michael Parness' Indie comedy _Max and Grace (2003)_. He plays the role of Bruno, a suicidal patient in a psychiatric ward.Ralf's performance in Ridley Scott's Oscar- winning epic, "Gladiator", gained international acclaim. His sympathetic characterization of Hagen, who gave his life to enable Maximus (Russell Crow) escape from Commodus' Praetorian Guards, propelled his motion picture career forward rapidly. Read more on iMDB