Netflix Movies Starring Paul Ben Victor

Actor Paul Ben-Victor has built a career on the small and big screen, with roles in over 50 films like Daredevil (2003), A Civil Action (1998), True Romance (1993), Tombstone (1993), Houseguest (1995), Crazy in Alabama (1999) and The Corruptor (1999). On television, Paul stars as "Chief Inspector Stan McQueen" on USA's hit series, In Plain Sight (2008). Paul starred as "Special Agent Bobby Hobbes" in the international hit series The Invisible Man (2000), a role that earned him a Best Supporting Actor Audience Award for Sci-Fi. He received critical acclaim for his portrayal of "Moe Howard" in the ABC biopic The Three Stooges (2000), shined as the endearing hustler "Steve Richards" on NYPD Blue (1993), and made a lasting impression with his quiet ruthlessness as the Greek henchman, "Spiros Vondas", on the widely acclaimed HBO series, The Wire (2002). Read more on iMDB