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When a woman drives a car into the river to her death, everyone in town becomes a suspect.

When Mona's key won't fit in her Yugo, she tries it in her son's; when it works, she borrows his car. The brakes fail; she goes through the guard rail, into the river, and drowns. When police chief Rash learns that the brake lines were cut, he looks for a murderer. Suspect one: Mona's dim son Jeff, whom she constantly denigrated. Suspect two: her husband Phil, whom she constantly belittled and who's having an affair with Rona, a waitress with a secret of her own. Suspect three: Jeff's landscape partner Bobby, who wants Jeff out, has yelled at Mona that he'd like to rip out her ovaries, and who is soon to be Rash's son-in-law. Can Rash find the killer and keep Bobby out of jail?


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