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An attractive dancer is rescued from jail by a rich man, who helps her to have her first big opportunity at a musical play on Broadway.

Janie, is a former dancer in a burlesque theater. During a show, one man from the public takes off part of Janie's costume, leaving her almost topless. In that precise moment police comes and takes away all dancers to the court, with charges of attempting against moral. The judge won't believe Janie explanation about the matter, and sends her to jail. Tod Newton, a rich man who was in the theater, takes Jane out of jail. He feels attracted to Janie's beauty and after hearing her story about longing to become a famous dancer, he will be disposed to help her. A prestigious Broadway director, Patch Gallagher is trying to set up a musical play, but he's having some monetary difficulties. Tod will get an audition for Janie, despite Patch's resistance. But the director accepts the girl, who's a quite talented dancer. Nevertheless, Patch begins to feel attracted to Janie, who is working hard in the rehearsals, behaving well and kindly with the director. But Tod is planning to propose to Janie, despite that matrimony is now out of her future plans. Besides, Patch is having a bad time. The production has stopped because of problems with the producers, and maybe Janie is having some feelings for Patch.


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