Netflix Movies Starring Sergi López

Sergi López is a Catalan actor, whose specialty is villains of all types but whose range also includes dramatizing romantic and comedic roles with equal mastery. He was born outside of Barcelona in the seaside town of Villanova i la Geltrú on December 22nd, 1965. As a youth he was inclined towards the performance arts and headed to France for further studies in the field. In 1991 he auditioned for French director Manuel Poirier who was so impressed with Sergi that he gave him the lead role in "Western." Poirier and López continued to collaborate on "La Petite-Amie d'Antonio," "La Campagne," "Attention Fragile," and "Marion" in subsequent years. Sergi often played the charming Spanish immigrant lost in France in Poirier's films. Sergi's career was actually cemented in France that catapulted him to public recognition, while Spain was still relatively oblivious to her talented son until 1997. Read more on iMDB