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Harry knew Michel in high school; they meet again by accident, Harry inserts himself in Michel's life... and things take a sinister turn.

  • Dominik Moll
  • Canal+
  • Centre National De La Cinématographie (CNC)
  • Diaphana Films
Michel, his wife Claire and their three little daughters Jeanne, Sarah and Iris are traveling to their cottage in Switzerland to spend summer vacation. When they stop the car, Michel goes to the toilet and a man stares at him. Soon the man introduces himself as Harold "Harry" Balestoro, who studied with Michel in high school and knows him very well. When Michel and his family go to their car, Harry parks his Mercedes Benz and introduces his fiancée Plum to the couple and invites themselves to travel to Michel's house for a drink. Later her recalls by heart a poem written by Michel and shows that he was obsessed for Michel. Harry is surprised that Michel does not write anymore and tells that he is wealthy since he has inherited his father's investments. Michel and Claire are middle-class and are still repairing their cottage by themselves. Harry and Plum stay for the night in the guest room and in the morning, Harry gives a 4x4 V6 Pajero to his new friends. They do not accept but Michel needs to bring his parents to see their granddaughters and drives the truck. He brings his mother and his father that immediately recognizes Harry. He feels tension between Michel and Claire and his parents and Harry and Plum move to a nearby hotel. During the night, Harry decides to help his friend, showing that he is a psychopath that turns Michel's life upside down.


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