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A sequel to The Land That Time Forgot. Major Ben McBride organises a mission to the Antarctic wastes to search for his friend (Doug McClure) who has been missing in the region for several ...

The newspaper of the family of the photographer Charly sponsors an expedition to the Arctic in the ship Polar Queen to find and rescue Bowen Tyler. Soon the rescue team formed by Tyler's friend Ben McBride, Professor Norfolk and Charly fly in an airplane with the pilot Hogan to a distant place while Captain Lawton waits for their return on board of the Polar Queen. However they are hit by a pterodactyl and crash in a weird land of prehistoric animals. Soon they meet the native Ajor that surprisingly speaks English. They learn that Tyler had taught English to her tribe that evolved from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, but he was captured by a wild tribe. While Hogan fixes the airplane, Ajor joins the group to help them to find Tyler and bring him back to the civilization in a dangerous journey.


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