Netflix Movies Starring Tony Longo

Tony Longo was a working character actor for more than three decades. Born in New Jersey, he moved out to Los Angeles and within the first few weeks landed a recurring role on the hit TV series "Alice". In that same year he did his first 3 films, "16 Candles", "Splash" and "Fletch". Next he was cast as a series regular in "Helltown", his first of 6 television series over the 30 year span. Others included "1st & Ten" (HBO's first successful series), "Police Academy", "Shakey Ground". He made more than 100 guest spots on every type of show. Playing the Big Guy, Big and Dumb, Big and Bad, or Big Bad and Dumb. All which seem to work in both comedies and dramas, because of the innocence and realism he brings to roles. Longo seemed to find his home in feature films. Read more on iMDB