Netflix Movies Starring Luis Da Silva Jr.

Born on August 3rd, 1982, Luis Fernando Da Silva Jr. has since taken the world by storm with his God-given talent to entertain people with his performances in basketball and acting. Luis first picked up a basketball at the age of ten, and over the years has tirelessly developed his skills to become known as "the world's best basketball handler". Luis has the ability to captivate any audience through his memorable performances and has traveled the world sharing his talent and passion for basketball. Recently, his talents have lead to opportunities outside of the sports world, including co-starring along side Oscar Award winning actors in major motion pictures. His legacy is just beginning but throughout his journey he never forgets his home, community and life in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Luis was born to Luis Da Silva Sr. and Dana Da Silva in the city of Elizabeth, NJ and is the older brother of Shari Da Silva, all current residents of the state of New Jersey. Read more on iMDB