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A thirty-something square falls in love with a hippie and decides to "drop out" himself.

Thirty-five year old Los Angeles based Jewish lawyer Harold Fine is straight-laced and conservative. He has just asked his long time girlfriend Joyce, who also happens to be his and his business partner Murray's secretary, to marry him. The marriage proposal was done more out of pressure than want, as he isn't sure if he really loves her. Marriage to Joyce just seems to be the next logical step in the natural progression of their relationship and his preordained life. Due to a family situation, Harold tracks down his hippie brother Herbie Fine, whose lifestyle is the bane of their overbearing mother's existence. Through Herbie, Harold meets twenty year old flower child Nancy, to who he is attracted. Eventually, Harold's attraction to her leads to him ditching his conservative life, and becoming a hippie himself, which centers on his new romantic relationship with Nancy and everyone's love of her pot-laced brownies. As Harold's hippie life and relationship to Nancy progress, he comes to a conclusion if his former life or his current life is what he wants for his future.


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