Netflix Movies Starring Joyce Van Patten

Adept at both comedy and drama, veteran actress Joyce Van Patten was born in New York City. Prodded by a typically assertive stage mother, Joyce and her equally famous older brother Dick Van Patten displayed natural talent and did quite well for themselves at an early age. Joyce was auditioning for modeling roles before reaching her first birthday, and by age eight, was appearing on radio and on Broadway in "Love's Old Sweet Song" by William Saroyan. One year later, she and Dick had bit roles in the film Reg'lar Fellers (1941) and appeared together in the play "The Wind Is Ninety" (1945). Following a relatively brief marriage to Thomas King at the age of 16 and the birth of their son Casey King a year later, Joyce grew into young adult roles and found parts in a number of popular plays including "The Desk Set" (1955) and "A Hole in the Head" (1957). Read more on iMDB