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The big national crime syndicate has moved into town, partnering up with local crime boss Nick Scanlon. There are only two problems: First, Nick is the violent type, preferring to do things...

In New York, corruption has reached all levels under the command of the powerful mobster lord "The Old Man" and the local crime boss Nick Scanlon. When the Crime Commission under the command of Chief Investigator Harry Craig meets with governor, the disbelief of the population is almost total. Craig tells that the uncorrupted Captain Thomas McQuigg was moved to the 7th District Police Station and has the intention to clean his district. The Commission counts on the testimony of Roy Higgins but Nick sends one of his men to eliminate him. McQuigg uses his honest Officer Bob Johnson to arrest Nick's brother Joe Scanlon and his lover and singer Irene Hayes to press Nick, under the protest of the corrupt District Attorney Mortimer X. Welsh, who is supported by the mafia to the position of judge on the next elections. When Nick kills Bob, he sees the collapse of his empire and the end of the support of "The Old Man".


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