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A major heist goes off as planned, until bad luck and double crosses cause everything to unravel.

Doc Riedenschneider is renowned in the crime world for being meticulous in the planning of his capers. Just released from jail, he has what he considers his final caper mapped out, after which he plans on retiring to Mexico City. A jewel heist, he estimates the take will be in excess of $1 million, enough for his retirement plus the payment to all those involved. It will require the assistance of a few men, one of whom is to be the financier. He turns to lawyer Lon Emmerich for the money, trusting his associate bookie, Cobby, on Emmerich's ability to do the job. Doc also enlists a small time hood, Dix Handley, who he meets at Cobby's betting parlor, to be one of the men to carry out the actual heist. Although he counts on the money from Emmerich, he doesn't really trust him. As the heist is carried out, its execution is not according to Doc's meticulous plan. As each individual makes his escape with Doc holding the loot, the police are on their tail. The crosses and double crosses between each of those individuals, who are ultimately out to protect themselves and their own sense of what is important to them, may make the fragile relationships between the crooks and thus the heist fall apart.


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