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In the gritty New Orleans underbelly, beleaguered Detective Sean Riley is trying to cope with the death of his young son and his failed marriage. Facing a probable suspension from the ...

As head of violent offenders warrant squad, New Orleans Sgt. SEAN REILLY, has seen the worst violence the city has to offer. It's taking its toll on him. Life and death are never more than a breath away and this brutality has become his life. During a routine warrant "serve", Sean's team is ambushed and his partner is viciously killed. Only a year and half removed from the loss of his son and his marriage in the aftermath, this maybe the last straw that finally sends Sean over the edge. Sean's mentor CAPT. TRAHAN senses a change just may help save Sean from the dark place his is heading and he reassigns him to a baffling gangland homicide case that is plaguing the Crescent City's underbelly. Leading the investigation is DET. WILL GANZ, a smart, family man who loves his job but has clearly stumbled onto a case that is out of his element. Someone has been methodically torturing and burning the most notorious gang leaders in the city. The sheer grisliness of killings and total disregard for the victims gang affiliations or rank is something very new and explosive to the already volatile city. The killings unleash a panic throughout the mean streets. A deadly powder keg is set to go off as both Gang member and police alike are on edge waiting for the killers next move. As the clues stack up on the "gangland" case, Sean and Will realize that COLIN, one of Sean's childhood friends, and an ex-soldier he served with, seems to be at the center of their horrible case. The street is buzzing with word that a ruthless paramilitary operative, Crowe, is hunting Colin down to recover video evidence of a friendly fire killing in Afghanistan that has political implications. With an elite multinational paramilitary group breathing down his neck, Crowe will stop at nothing to get the money back in time. Sean and Will must race against the clock to solve the mystery, save Colin and find the money before the merciless Russians do. Determined to not to let each other down, each man must confront their darkest fears and risk the lives of the ones they love the most. But in the end, will either one be able to live with choices they made or the price they pay?


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