Netflix Movies Starring Natassia Malthe

Natassia Malthe is an accomplished ballet dancer, actress, model, and spokesperson. Natassia started her dance training at the age of 8, when she trained with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Goh Ballet of Vancouver and the Beijing Ballet in China. At age 13 she moved back to her home country of Norway, where she trained and performed with the Norwegian Opera House until the age of 19. After high school she went on to study theatre, dance and singing in London, England with the London Studio Centre of Performing Arts.She moved back to Norway and was awarded a scholarship to study with the prestigious college Statens Norske Ballet Hoyskol. While studying Natassia also worked for a company raising money for Bosnia with the Red and Green Cross. She was the number one fundraiser in her unit. After years of dance Natassia visited Vancouver, BC where her television and film career was born. Read more on iMDB