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Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.

In Los Angeles, Franklin Foster - FDR to his friends - and Tuck Hansen are best friends and partners as undercover CIA agents, however recently reassigned to desk jobs after a covert operation gone wrong, which resulted in the death of criminal Jonas Heinrich, and his brother Karl Heinrich being able to escape, he who vows revenge on the two. Being undercover, not even their closest friends and family know what FDR and Tuck do, those people believing the covers of them being a cruise ship captain and travel agent respectively. The two are different when it comes to their love life. FDR is a serial womanizer and party boy. Tuck is a recently divorced father, who still wants the traditional family life with his ex-wife Katie and their young adolescent son Joe, that life which does not seem like it will happen. Each of their love lives take a turn when they meet through different channels Lauren Scott, an executive at a consumer product testing company. Lauren, relatively new to Los Angeles, is just reentering the dating scene after her last relationship went sour. FDR and Tuck eventually learn that they are both dating Lauren, who each believes could be the true love of their respective life. As neither will forgo Lauren for the other, they set some ground rules in their relationships with her, including not telling her that they know each other or that they know she is dating "someone else", that they will not sleep with her, and that they will not let her get in the way of their friendship and partnership. But as their feelings for Lauren grows, their rules may go out the window, with each doing whatever needed to win Lauren, even at the expense of their friendship. Conversely, Lauren loves both men, and receives dating advice from her best friend, married, over-sexed and straight talking Trish. Through it all, Heinrich could reenter the picture, he who could change the face of what's happening in their personal lives.


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