Netflix Movies Starring Christopher Robin Miller

Christopher was born in Cambridge, Massachussetts to Robin H. and K. Louise Miller in 1969. At age of three, Christopher decided to become a visual artist, saxophone player, clown and Muppeteer, but finally settled on acting, singing and dancing in theater, television, film and voice over. His stage debut at the age of 5 as a bunny in the field of poppies in a high school production of "The Wizard of Oz" was a strange beginning. After forgetting the lyrics to his song, he shouted "Stop the music! Start over!" The audience laughed, he cried and ran off stage, and the rest is history. Actually he took a 3 year hiatus from performing until 1977 when he saw a production of Peter Pan. That's when "the bug" took hold and he new that acting was the life for him. He spent the next 3 years taking summer theatre workshops at BYU and joined The Whittlin' Whistlin' Brigade. Read more on iMDB