Netflix Movies Starring Amy Wright

One of those dazzling chameleon players who never received their due, Amy Wright is still woefully unrecognized despite a superb resumé of Southern-styled film credits since the late 70s. On the other side of the coin, she has certainly made a distinct name for herself in the theater world as the embodiment of down-home eccentricity. As a testament to her interesting dichotomy as an offbeat actress, she played much younger than she was at the onset of her career; these days she tends to play older. Born on April 15, 1950, in Chicago, Amy was raised in the Midwest and eventually attended Beloit College. She gave up her position as a teacher to pursue her dream to be an actress in New York. Elfin in quality with an intriguing, gap-toothed look, the child-like blonde actress found almost immediate reassurance as an apprentice at actor Rip Torn's Sanctuary Theater, making her stage debut in the company's 1975 production of "Agnes and Joan". Read more on iMDB