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In order to impress his beautiful French neighbor, Dylan Ramsey dognaps her pet pooch so he can return him and become a hero. Unfortunately, things do not work out as planned.

Dylan Ramsey is a restaurant owner looking for the girl of his dreams. His new neighbors, Lila Dubois is a French cellist pursuing a spot in the L.A. Philharmonic whose pushy ex-fiancée, Rene, shows up to win her back. Dylan can handle the ex-fiancée, it's his four-legged competition that has him stumped. So he does what any man desperate for a date would do... kidnaps her beloved pooch, Jack, volunteers to help his distraught owner with the search and plans to produce the lost doggie in time to reap the gratitude (and a date?) from Lila. But things start to misfire when the dog eats an anniversary ring Dylan was given to hold by his restaurant partner and a jealous Rene figures out Dylan has kidnapped the dog.


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