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Having gotten a taste of college life, a drastically changed farm girl returns home for Thanksgiving break with her best friend, a flamboyant party animal who is clearly a fish out of water in a small farm town.

South Dakota farm girl Rebecca "Becca" Warner has just graduated from high school, and she has decided that she will go to college at UCLA. Becca's parents Walter and Connie, and especially her boyfriend Travis, hate to see her go to college so far away. Becca is overwhelmed and ready to go home after just a few days at UCLA. But the dorm counselor, Crawl, convinces her to stay and give the city a chance. She does, and it works its magic. Becca digs into SoCal life, dropping her farm duds for hot city threads, changing her hair style and color, getting a tattoo and spending what little free time she has left roller-blading like a maniac. Soon Thanksgiving looms, and the thought of an almost-certain marriage proposal from Travis fills her with mixed emotions. Becca impulsively invites Crawl to come home with her for Thanksgiving, and Walter, Connie, Becca's brother Zack, Grandpa Walter Sr, Travis, and hired hand Theo regard him first as an object of curiosity, then scorn. When Travis -- who has his eyes on Becca's friend Tracy -- tries to ask Becca to marry him, Becca panics, and Crawl comes to the rescue by announcing his own engagement to Becca, with whom he's in love. Walter is outraged -- especially after Crawl announces his plans to take over the family farm after Walter retires -- and Travis punches Crawl in the nose. But Zack is won over when Crawl helps him with a computer problem, and Becca starts falling in love with Crawl. Walter sics Theo on Crawl, and under the guise of training, Theo puts Crawl through numerous farm tortures, from pitching manure to slopping the hogs. But rather than wilting, Crawl takes to farm living in a big way, eventually earning Walter's and Grandpa Walter Sr's respect. Travis tries to win Becca back, with Theo's help, by drugging Crawl and Tracy and placing Crawl and Tracy beside each other in the barn to make it look like Crawl and Tracy slept with each other. Will Becca fall for this trick, and believe what Travis tells her?


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