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A naive but stubborn cowboy falls in love with a saloon singer and tries to take her away against her will to get married and live on his ranch in Montana.

Twenty-one year old Beauregard Decker, who owns his own ranch in Timber Hill, Montana, and his friend, Virgil Blessing, who is like a father to him, are heading to Phoenix, Arizona by bus for Beau to take part in the Phoenix World Rodeo Championship. As Beau has had no experience with women being isolated on the ranch, this trip only being the second time in his life that he has stepped foot off the ranch, Virgil believes this trip may be a good time for Beau to start thinking about women with the eventual goal of finding a wife. Virgil's idea of such a wife for Beau is a girl like Elma Duckworth, a young next-door type who boards the bus at Grace's Diner in southern Utah. But Beau, who wants to marry an "angel" and will know that angel when he sees her, immediately believes that that woman is Chérie, the performer at the Blue Dragon Café in Phoenix, she who also hustles for drinks from the customers on her boss' directive. Chérie, from River Gulch, Arkansas, decided to hit the road with no goal or destination in mind, and along the way figured her destiny was to be a Hollywood star. Beyond her beauty, Chérie is talentless and uneducated, even to the ways of the world, even though her outward appearance makes her look experienced. She has often been taken advantage of. Socially unaware and direct Beau, who figures he has no time to court, does whatever he needs to to get Chérie to go with him back to Montana as his wife after the rodeo has concluded, wanting to look experienced with women in the process. He ends up being single-minded in his pursuit of her. Despite being physically attracted to him, Chérie may have other things on her mind than marriage to a bully of a Montana cowboy.


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