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A retired American boxer returns to the village of his birth in Ireland, where he finds love.

Sean Thornton arrives by train in Castletown in Ireland coming from Pittsburgh and in the train station, he seeks direction to Inisfree. Michaleen Oge Flynn comes with his horse-drawn chaise and takes Sean to Inisfree. Along their way, Sean sees the red-haired Mary Kate Danaher in the field and a cottage in White O'Morn that belongs to the widow Sarah Tillane. Sean tells to Michaleen that he was born in that cottage and he wants to buy the real-estate. The coachman recognizes him and then they meet Father Peter Lonergan that had known Sean's family and welcomes him. When Sean meets Miss Tillane, her neighbor Squire 'Red' Will Danaher that wants to buy the property and marry Tillane is very upset with her. When she sells the real-estate to Sean, Will becomes his declared enemy. Sean decides to get married with Mary Kate and he hires the service of the matchmaker Michaleen; however, he does not succeed since Mary Kate is the sister of Will Danaher. However, Michaleen, Father Peter Lonergan, and other locals lure Will and he consents the marriage of his sister expecting to marry Miss Tillane. When he finds that he was deceived, he does not pay the dowry for his sister. Mary Kate tries to force Sean to take her money by force from her brother, but Sean does not want to fight against Sean. Mary Kate and the locals believe that he is a coward, but Sean actually wants to forget a fatal incident from his past and start a new life.


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