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Professional mercenary Karl Thomasson, his friend Macy, and an albanian girl are being held in a brutal Kosovo prison where Macy is severely beaten. Just before he dies, Macy gives Karl a medal to give to Macy's daughter Nicole Stewart, who is a professor of english at Eastern Atlantic University on Long Island in New York. Karl and the Albanian girl then escape, and Karl kills their two captors. Three months later, Karl shows up at the university and visits Nicole, who is reluctant to accept Macy's medal because due to his military obligations, Macy was out of Nicole's life more than he was in it. Soon after Karl visits Nicole, she is brutally beaten up. When Karl hears of this, he has his friends Ed Lincoln and Rahmel help him take over as Nicole's substitute under a false name, then Karl brings another mercenary friend named Andy in on the investigation of the beating so Andy can work with Karl, Ed, and Rahmel. Karl believes it was a member of the football team who did it then he discovers that members of the team have been doing steroids. Karl doesn't completely know what's going on until he and his mercenary friends investigate people such as head coach Bill Braden and Tony Lo Russo, the son of local crime boss Vincent "Vinnie The Brick" Lo Russo. This is when innocent lives are in the most danger. Can Karl and his mercenary crew stop the evil forces behind the steroid plot whoever they are? —Todd Baldridge posing as a teachermercenaryattempted murderex special forcesurban decay19 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisGenresActionCrimeThrillerMotion Picture Rating (MPAA)Rated R for strong violence, language and some sexuality,Parents guide


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