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Two swindlers get their hands on a map to the fabled city of gold, El Dorado.

In 1517, Spanish-wanted street swindlers Miguel and Tulio's uncanny luck gets them a map to El Dorado and a stowaway passage, albeit in Cortez's stocks destined for floggings and slavery on Cuba. They escape, thanks to the war horse Altivo; a storm brings them on a Mexican shore fitting the map, so they enter the city, where high priest Tzekel-Kan welcomes them as the prophesied gods, accidentally confirmed by a volcanic rumble. Only temple thief Chel sees trough their game, so she's allowed into the scam to steal the golden treasure. They abolish human sacrifices and learn the high-priest rivals for power with the chief, so they play them against each-other. Meanwhile Cortez arrives and follows the tramps' trail. When Tzekel-Kan tricks Tullio into reintroducing sacrifices, the river of blood tradition requires to start the jaguar age, Miguel braves him, making a dangerous enemy who uses black magic having realized they're mortal. Now two major dangers attack the city and its 'patron gods'.


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