Netflix Movies Starring William Mcnamara

Born and raised in rural Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Liam moved to Riverview, New Brunswick in 1987 and there his city life began. Liam could usually be found spelunking in the "Fantastic" theatre during his time at Riverview Junior High School and it was love at first broken ankle. He chased a girl across the river to Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton and ran amuck of Mike Granville, the schools' English and Drama teacher. He somehow charmed Mike into casting the skinny soccer player in HTHS productions in grade 11 and 12. After a brief stint at St. Francis Xavier University, where he was in every production put on by Theatre Antigonish, he decided that his passion for performing trumped his interest in teaching. He moved back to New Brunswick and made a connection with a local casting director for TV and Film. Read more on iMDB