Netflix Movies Starring Kaitlyn Dever

Kaitlyn Dever was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She knew she wanted to act at just six years old, and incessantly asked her parents to send her to acting school. Instead, they enrolled her in gymnastics, ballet and ice skating, but her passion didn't lie within any of these activities. At nine years of age, Dever enrolled at the Dallas Young Actors Studio, where she learned set etiquette, how the entertainment business works, and what would be expected of her as a professional actress. She was quickly signed with a respected Los Angeles based talent agent. Shortly thereafter, Dever was booking commercials and was on her way to the quality projects that now support her strong body of work. She showcased her versatility working with Shailene Woodley in the critically acclaimed coming-of-age comedic drama The Spectacular Now (2013). Soon thereafter, she was given the opportunity to truly shine in the dark drama Short Term 12 (2013) alongside Brie Larson, where she plays the supporting lead Jayden, a teenager living in a group home for troubled youths. Read more on iMDB