Netflix Movies Starring Joanna Gleason

She may be the daughter of Let's Make a Deal (1963) game show host Monty Hall (ne Maurice Halperin), but talented Joanna Gleason has never had to worry about being overshadowed by her father's looming TV star. Born Joanna Hall on June 2, 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (her father and mother (Marilyn Plotell Hall) were wed in Winnipeg, Manitoba), her father was working for the Canadian Wheat Board at the time and breaking into the radio business. As such, by the time Joanna was born, her father had already changed his name to the easier, amiable-sounding Monty Hall for entertainment purposes.The family moved to New York in May of 1956 when Joanna was 5 going on 6. In the early 1960s the family relocated again to Los Angeles where Monty found work hosting such game shows as "Video Village" and, of course, "Let's Make a Deal". Read more on iMDB