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In New York City, a single mom captivates her new neighbor, a much younger man.

Forty year old housewife Sandy and twenty-five year old barista Aram deal with the break-up of their respective marriages differently. Extremely organized Sandy, who lived in suburban New York with her husband Frank and two adolescent children Sadie and Frankie, has built up a lot of anger over Frank's unexpected infidelity, and has no issue in not forgiving him or leaving him for good. Aram's French wife Alice left him for the man masquerading as her brother, as her marriage to Aram, unknown to him at the time, was all in an effort to get a green card while being with her "brother" in the US. Aram, however, has decided not to divorce her since it would mean that she would have to leave the country, he having no animosity toward her despite her deceit. Sandy and Aram meet when Sandy, in the city with the two children to get a job, moves into an apartment in the same building as the coffee shop where Aram works. While Sandy is able to get a job as a fact checker at a cable sports network, a job well beneath her graduate school academic qualifications, she ends up hiring Aram first to do some babysitting while her best friend Daphne sets her up on one disastrous blind date after another, and then as a nanny to the two children when she needs to be at work. Aram takes the work as he is drifting in life: he does not feel the urge for those life or world experiences others his age usually partake such as travel, is somewhat sure he doesn't want a business job despite his degree in business (with a minor in sociology), and has moved back in with his Jewish parents, who want him to get focused on a good career befitting the money they paid into his education. This job shows him that he is more attuned to working with kids than he would be a good businessperson. Aram also starts to fall for the whole package that is Sandy, which includes the children. In turn, Sandy starts to fall for Aram, in part because of his good looks and in part because of the way he treats her and the children. They have to decide whether to act on these so far unspoken feelings. If they do, they need to get over the differences in their ages, the differences in their place in their life journey, and the thought that their feelings may just be rebound feelings, especially for Sandy as what she has seen through her dates in the man pool is not to her liking.


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