Netflix Movies Starring Gary Daniels

Action film star Gary Daniels was a real-life kick-boxing champion. With rugged good-looks, a muscular build and a charming personality, it was a natural for him to move from the world of fighting to that of acting. Born Gary Edward Daniels on May 9, 1963 in Woking, Surrey, England, Daniels was a childhood fan of legendary martial arts film star Bruce Lee. He followed his idol by studying Kung Fu. Demonstrating a natural ability for the sport of full-contact karate (also known as kick-boxing), Daniels embarked on a ring career with the dream of winning a world title. Fighting in tournaments in England, Daniels' aggressive ring style made him a fan favorite, but did not sit well with the British officials. Daniels posted a 12-3-0 kick-boxing record with all 12 victories by knockouts. Read more on iMDB