Netflix Movies Starring Cung Le

If you are of an Asian origin, chances are the mere mentioning of Cung Le's name in mainstream media will instill in you a sense of cultural pride. Cung Le made his first appearance on the pro MMA stage in 2006, and shortly after won the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship in 2008, setting high standards through his powerful kicks, skillful strikes, and well-timed takedowns. This Vietnamese-American champion, actor, producer and action director is a household name in many parts of Asia and is equally adored in Hollywood. He has starred in many major movies such as Puncture Wounds, Dragon Eyes, The Man With the Iron Fists, Pandorum and Oscar-nominated The Grandmaster. Born in Saigon, Vietnam and arrived in the US at age three, this world-class fighter has graced the covers of many major martial arts publications such as Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Martial Arts Illustrated; and has made headlines and appearances in numerous mainstream media all over the world. Read more on iMDB