Netflix Movies Starring Bo Svenson

An award-winning actor, writer, producer and director, Bo Svenson has during his career worked with over one hundred Academy Award winners and/or nominees. He is a prolific writer in addition to being an accomplished actor. His first novel, "For Love and Country", was published in December 2015. His screenplay "Don't Call Me Sir!" won the 2015 New York Screenplay Contest's "Park Avenue Prize for Drama" and 1st Place in Drama at the 2015 Los Angeles Screenplay Contest -- and his screenplay "For Love and Country" won two Gold Awards at the International Independent Film Awards. He has several other screenplays in various stages of development and preproduction, including "Yakuzano"; "Misguided"; "Viking: The Red Cloth"; and "Fate, Two Kids and an ET". Born in Sweden to a Russian Jewish mother and a Swedish father, Svenson emigrated by himself to the US as a teenager and began by serving his new country with six years in the U. Read more on iMDB