Netflix Movies Starring Bill Dow

Bill Dow is an award-winning actor and director (and occasional writer) in theatre, film, and television, with scores of credits over a long and varied career. Currently appearing in two hit television series, Bill Dow is a versatile and sought after performer. As Dr. Lee on Stargate SG-1 (1997), he is the passionate, though sometimes slightly befuddled man of science who does his best to assist the warriors of Stargate Command; while on Da Vinci's Inquest (1998), the award-winning Canadian Drama, he plays Russ Hathaway, the mayor of Vancouver. These are just the latest in a long line of characters created for television series that range from sci-fi (Charles [Chuck] Burks, Agent Mulder's old college chum who dabbles in science and the occult on The X-Files (1993)), to prime time drama (Mr. Parkman, the teacher on Pasadena (2001)), to comedy (Bob Fraser, the owner and bartender of "The Fraser Arms" on Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy (1998)). Read more on iMDB