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Robocop saves the day once more. This time the half man/half robot takes on ruthless developers who want to evict some people on "their" land.

Having recently been taken over by Kanemitsu Corporation, OCP - known officially as Omni Consumer Products (but increasingly rechristened "Oppressive Capitalist Pigs" by Detroiters) - finally begins its project for the creation of Delta City over the trampled remains of soon-to-be-devastated Detroit. As part of its execution, a special goon squad ("rehabs"), headed by Commander Paul McDaggett, is deployed to evacuate residents by force and tear down the city (simultaneously, if need be). Amidst the chaos, a young, tech-savvy girl named Nikko, orphaned by the rehabs, takes shelter with a citizens resistance group that's banded together to strike back at OCP, first by raiding the Police Department Armory Warehouse for weapons. Murphy, dispatched to chase them down, ignores the order upon hearing a call for back up from Anne Lewis and other officers stranded within cop-killing Splatterpunk territory. This violation leads OCP to an executive decision: cut Murphy's past memories for good (a directive that technician Dr. Lazarus defies). With McDaggett unlawfully attacking citizens, Murphy finds himself in conflict over his prime directives: (1) serve the public trust, (2) protect the innocent, (3) uphold the law, yet (4) never oppose an OCP officer (who's in violation of the first three). Hampered in the ensuing mêlée against McDaggett and the rehabs, Lewis is killed and Robo severely damaged (but taken in by the rebels through Nikko). To keep Robocop off McDaggett's back, Kanemitsu deploys Otomos (android ninjas) to handle the cyborg once and for all. As an all-city battle looms, forces draw together for a stake in the final outcome.


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