Netflix Movies Starring Mario Machado

Mario Machado has been a fixture of television, film, and radio for over thirty years, and as a news anchor, reporter, narrator, actor, commentator, and producer, he has worked in virtually all aspects of broadcasting. Born in Shanghai, China of both Chinese and Portuguese ancestry, Mario made television history when, in 1967, he became the first Chinese-American on-air television news reporter and anchor in Los Angeles and perhaps in the nation. In 1968 he signed on as a color commentator for CBS Sports and, as a soccer player himself, he revolutionized the world of sports commentating with his personal insight and his dramatic flair. One year later he made television history again when he became the first Consumer Affairs reporter in the nation for KNXT Los Angeles. His work as a producer and a reporter has earned him ten Emmy Award nominations and eight wins, most recently for his work on the television special "U. Read more on iMDB