Netflix Movies Starring Edith Ivey

Edith Ivey has had a long and rich career in the arts spanning more than fifty years. Edith began her career in New York, where she worked extensively on radio soap operas, many of which were live, such as The Guiding Light, Whispering Streets, and Our Gal Sunday. She has said that that was her favorite type of work. Edith took her early steps into television when she was seen as every young boy's heartthrob, the lovely "Indian" Princess Summerfall Winterspring on The Howdy Doody Show. In the 1970s she applied her excellent presentation skills as a fashion commentator for Miss USA. She later appeared in 5 episodes of the television series In the Heat of the Night. Over the years, she has portrayed numerous characters in movies such as RoboCop 3, Norma Rae, Little Darlings, and her most recent project starring as Brad Pitt's piano teacher in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Read more on iMDB