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American lawyer Jack Moore is in Beijing on what looks to be a successful business trip for his company to enter into a film and television distribution deal with the Chinese government, their main competitor for that distribution deal being HoffCo Telecom out of Germany. Before Jack's boss David McAndrews and the Chinese government sign on the dotted line of the contract, Jack is implicated in a murder, the victim who was discovered in his hotel room. The police were alerted to an incident in his hotel room based on the report of hearing a scream emanating from his room, such a scream which Jack, asleep in the room when the police entered, did not hear. Jack being charged with murder quashes the distribution deal, which instead is awarded to HoffCo. The situation is made all the worse for Jack due to the known connections between the victim and people within high places in China, who may try to manipulate the situation to see Jack sentenced to death for the murder. Jack also has language, cultural and political obstacles to overcome, the Chinese government and thus the court system which seems already to have convicted him to make him, a foreigner, an example. As such, Jack does not trust his court appointed lawyer, a young woman named Shen Yuelin who has always seen her role to carry out Chinese government policy. Things may change when Yuelin begins to believe that Jack is being framed for the murder, the death of an innocent man which she may not be able to tolerate if she has any sway within the Chinese justice system, which she may find she does not. The key to discovering the truth behind the murder, the reason for Jack being framed for it and Jack possibly coming out the other end with his life is an important piece of physical evidence which he knows exists but which seems to be missing. —Huggotopless female nudityfemale full rear nudityassassination attemptcolor in titlesearching for the truth31 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesLeniency for those who confess...GenresCrimeDramaThrillerMotion Picture Rating (MPAA)Rated R for some violence and a scene of sexualityParents guide


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