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Charlie is an expert bricklayer. He has lots of fun and work and enjoys himself greatly while at the saloon. As he leaves work his wife takes the pay he has hidden in his hat. But he steals her purse so he can go out for the evening. He has a terrible time getting home on a very rainy night. When he does so he finds his wife waiting for him with a rolling pin. —Ed Stephan saloonbricklayerdrunkennesssweet adelinehenpecked husband7 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesSee Charlie juggle bricks and dodge the foreman---and hide his pay check from his wife. (Print Ad-Lake Benton News, ((Lake Benton, Minn.)) 2 May 1924)GenresComedyShortCertificateTV-GParents guideAdd content advisory


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