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Boog, a domesticated 900lb. Grizzly bear finds himself stranded in the woods 3 days before Open Season. Forced to rely on Elliot, a fast-talking mule deer, the two form an unlikely friendship and must quickly rally other forest animals if they are to form a rag-tag army against the hunters.

Orphaned as a cub, tame grizzly Boog lives as park ranger Beth's oversized pet in her garage, but the warden wants him returned to the wild at last. Thug hunter Shaw is looking forward to the season opening to shoot a bear, and meanwhile 'accidentally ran over' Elliot, a skinny, wild mule deer who lost one antler when expelled from the herd. The fast-talking screwup convinces Boog to cut him loose and invites himself to move in. After a disastrous park opening show, the pair ends up helicopter-lifted to a far part of the park. Elliot promises to lead Boog home if he can move in for good, but that proves an apocalyptic adventure for the whole wildlife after accidentally Boog wrecks the beaver dam, with Shaw on the prowl.


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