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A young artist, searching for his vocation, makes a mannequin so perfect he falls in love with it. Finding the mannequin in a store window, he gets a job there and his creation comes to life.

In Edfu, in the ancient Egypt, the young Ema "Emmy" Hesire is a woman ahead of time. When her mother tries to force her to marry a manure dealer, she wishes to go to the future and vanishes. In the present days, in Pennsylvania, Jonathan Switcher is an idealistic young artist that builds a mannequin. However, he is inefficient and can not keep his jobs and his ambitious girlfriend Roxie leaves him. But Jonathan sees his mannequin in the window of the Prince and Company Department Store. On the next morning, he saves the life of Ms. Claire Timkin, who owns the Prince & Co., and she asks the corrupt manager Richards to give the position in the stock to Jonathan. The Prince & Co. is near bankruptcy and the Illustra Company intends to but it, using Richards to sabotage the Department Store. Emmy comes back to life for Jonathan and they arrange wonderful windows. Jonathan is promoted to window dresser, working with the gay Hollywood Montrose that becomes his friend. Soon Jonathan becomes a successful designer, leveraging the Prince & Co and is promoted to VP. But Illustra's General Manager, Roxie and Richards want to force Jonathan to work for Illustra and kidnap Emmy.


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