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A guy who moves back to Portland, Oregon becomes involved in the mystery of his ex-girlfriend's disappearance.

  • Aaron Katz
  • Parts And Labor
  • Parts And Weather
  • White Buffalo Entertainment
Twenty-something Doug has just returned to his hometown of Portland to live with his sister Gail, after not finding what he wanted in life in Chicago, which included a stint in school in a forensic science program in his quest to become the next Sherlock Holmes. However, he has no real focus in his Portland life either as witnessed by the fact that he takes a menial labor job at an ice factory since he believes he can get nothing else. As a matter of courtesy, Doug meets with Rachel, an ex-girlfriend from Chicago who is in town on an extended business trip, the two who still have a cordial if not somewhat longing relationship. Doug, Gail, Rachel and Carlos, one of Doug's fellow workers at the ice factory, begin hanging out together on a casual basis as a group and within smaller groups. Out of that closeness, Carlos, late one night, believes Rachel has gone missing against her will, which Doug also begins to believe. Taking a play from Sherlock Holmes, Doug, with Carlos and Gail by his side, goes on a quest to find out what happened to Rachel. They make some unexpected finds along the way.


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