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An idealistic, modern-day cowboy struggles to keep his Wild West show afloat in the face of hard luck and waning interest.

Bronco Billy's is a second rate traveling wild west show, owned and featuring as its headliner 'Bronco' Billy McCoy, a trick rider and sharp shooter. Despite the show not making any money and the performers often not getting paid, the troupe is loyal to Billy. Billy does not accept any criticism either about himself or the way he runs his show, but he does have a soft side, especially toward his younger fans and the disadvantaged. Of late, he has had problems retaining an assistant for his act. The latest of the assistants he picks up along their travels is Antoinette Lily, whose story he is unaware beyond knowing that she is a stranded yet fiery damsel in distress. In reality, she is an heiress who was abandoned by her husband of convenience. At the beginning, Miss Lily, as the troupe refers to her, is an unwilling participant in the show, she only wanting to get somewhere where she can get back to her life. But once she reads news of her husband whose current fate was orchestrated by her unscrupulous step-mother and her lawyer, Miss Lily believes she can get back at her family by staying with the show. Miss Lily and the rest of the troupe are often at odds with each other, but slowly mutual friendly feelings emerge as Miss Lily learns the stories behind the façade of each of the troupe members. Billy and Miss Lily eventually fall in love. But when they inadvertently run into Miss Lily's husband, both Miss Lily and Billy have to decide what lies in their future.


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