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A prostitute is killed during a bachelor party and the attendees turn on each other as the wedding approaches.

  • Peter Berg
  • Initial Entertainment Group (IEG)
  • Interscope Communications
  • Ballpark Productions Partnership
A couple of days before his wedding with Laura Garrety, Kyle Fisher travels to Las Vegas for a bachelor party with his friends Charles Moore, Robert Boyd, Michael Berkow and his brother Adam Berkow in his minivan. They go to an apartment in the hotel and get crazy drinking booze and using cocaine. When the stripper Tina comes to their room, she teases the friends and Michael goes with her to the bathroom to have sex. The prostitute hits the hanger for towel with her nape and she dies. The group panics, but Boyd convinces his friends to bury the woman in the desert. However one security guard comes to the room because of the noise and he glances at the dead body. He wants to call the police and Boyd stabs him to death. Then they clean the room and bury the bodies in the desert. They return home and Adam freaks out with the situation, causing an accident with his wife Lois Berkow and children. Meanwhile Laura organizes the wedding party and during the rehearsal, Michael and Adam have a serious argument and Michael decides to hit the minivan of his brother. Adam tries to protect his minivan and is accidentally murdered by his brother. Soon Lois finds a note written by Adam and presses the group to know what happened in Vegas. What will happen to them?


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