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Jimmy Lynch is angry because his older brother, who was injured as a result of an off duty fire rescue, is denied benefits by the city. At the same time, Mayor Tyler is embroiled in a ...

Jimmy Lynch's brother, Terry is a fireman. While Terry was off duty he went to a bar and drank a little. That's when the building across the street caught fire. And when Terry learns there's a child inside he goes and saves the child but gets injured. He would be deemed unfit for duty and because he was off duty and drinking, the city decide not to give him his benefits. Jimmy goes to see the Mayor to plead for his brother. When the Mayor learns what happened, he calls Terry a drunk and not worth his time. Jimmy's upset that the Mayor said that. He then goes one of the Mayor's appearances and sees some guys do something. It seems like one a member of the Mayor's staff was facing corruption charges and he ran away, and it's believed that the Mayor knew he would. They write that to embarrass the Mayor. Jimmy decides to continue doing that by painting it everywhere the Mayor goes and signing it Turk 182. The Mayor then orders that this Turk be stopped so the Mayor's man Lt. Ryan tries to find him.


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