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Sabotage efforts damage an international air race.

It's 1910, and flying has become all the rage, as it, as an activity, is still in its infancy. Despite not being a flying enthusiast himself, Lord Rawnsley, owner of the Daily Post newspaper, organizes a London to Paris flying race in order to boost circulation and show Britain's superiority as he expects who he assumes will eventually be his son-in-law, Richard Mays, will win the race. Richard suggested the race to begin with in order to bring together all the best aviator minds to advance the issue of flying machine design. Richard's unofficial intended, Patricia Rawnsley, is secretly adventurous in nature and wants more than anything to be able to fly, and does whatever she can, against her father's wishes, to be one of those in the air. News of the race goes global, with entries from all over the world. As such, the race does become a competition for national pride and of the most adventurous, as flying more than five miles is still considered an accomplishment, let alone needing to traverse the twenty-two mile distance across the English Channel between Dover and Calais. But it also becomes a competition for Patricia's affections, as one of the entrants is American cowboy Orvil Newton, who is immediately attracted to Patricia and who may be able to give her that flight that she so much wants, which Richard seems unwilling to do as not to get on the wrong side of his future father-in-law.


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