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After his last adventure in the Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969), the former leader of the Seven and now a married U.S. Marshall, Chris Adams, declines his old friend Jim McKay's invitation to stop the outlaw De Toro and his marauding gang of bandits from attacking the Mexican border town of Magdalena. Filled with guilt, Chris decides to visit the town--now inhabited by widows--before the tough band's imminent return, having no other choice but to recruit a brand-new team of unlikely defenders. As always, the odds are against them. Can the new Magnificent Seven and the town's defenceless women put an end to De Toro's reign of terror? —Nick Riganasarizona territorytucson territorial prisontucson arizonamagdalena mexicosonora mexico122 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesA Brand New Seven -- Doing Their Number! They put their lives on the line and let it ride!GenresActionWesternCertificatePGParents guide


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