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Mick and Tom are an unlikely father-son team of petty thieves. They've been hired to steal a painting from a museum. By accident, they steal the wrong painting: Denmark's only original Rembrandt masterpiece, worth millions.

  • Jannik Johansen
  • Fine & Mellow Productions
  • Ugly Duckling Films
  • Danmarks Radio (DR)
In Denmark, four small-time crooks - the petty thief Mick, who is married with the ex-porn star Trine; his loser and also thief son Tom; their addicted in gambling jinx friend Kenneth; and the cartoon collector Jimmy - plan the heist of a simple panting in the local museum to get a couple of bucks. However, they mistakenly steal the unique authentic Rembrandt of Denmark. Although having a valuable painting in their hands, they do not know how to make a good deal with the painting. But rather than resolving their personal lives, the painting and the money of their negotiation increase their problems. Meanwhile, the efficient detective that does not "follow the book" Bæk is chasing the thieves without any lead.


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