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Wrongfully turned into a fugitive, a writer seeks the help of his ex-wife, who is now married to an attorney.

Glenda Parks is a bleeding heart liberal lawyer, who believes she can be a major part in the redemption of her down and out minor criminal clients by employing them to do odd jobs for her. Her husband, Ira Parks, is the Los Angeles District Attorney who has just found out that he is in the running to become the state Attorney General. A major obstacle in him getting this position is that Glenda's first husband, non-fiction writer Nicholas Gardenia, was caught clearly on a video surveillance camera as being the perpetrator of a bank robbery in Carmel. In reality, Nick was abducted at gunpoint by the true bank robbers who forced him to be their front man. Nick is hesitant about turning himself in as he was previously wrongly imprisoned for two years in Mexico while he was working on an illegal alien story, prison where he does not want to go back. As such, he turns to the only person he believes can and will help him, namely Glenda. Glenda has mixed emotions about Nick reentering her life. Her head wants to hide Nick from Ira and get him out of their Brentwood house for good as quickly as possible, especially as a lot of powerful and authoritarian figures are mulling around the house, but her heart wants to help Nick much like she helps her clients and the many stray dogs that have entered the Parks' lives. Nick, on the other hand, tries somewhat to clear his name, but he seems more interested in reuniting with Glenda who he still loves and who he believes still loves him.


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