Netflix Movies Starring Victor Slezak

A staple of American stage, screen, and television for over 30 years, Victor Slezak hails from Youngstown, Ohio. Victor's earliest influences in entertainment came through the screen of Jack and Sam's Warner Brothers Theater, where his mother was a box office girl. So, too, was the black and white TV set in his parents' living room an early influence. He cites seeing Montgomery Clift in _Freud_, James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause (1955), and George C. Scott in the old East Side/West Side (1963) series as performances that piqued his earliest interest. The Franciscan nuns at Saint Stanislaus Grade School taught in the Jesuit mode, placing heavy weight on the correct use of language and oratory skill. Theatre was used as a teaching tool. At an early age, Victor's acting in, directing, and writing plays stemming from the Bible became a normal part of his daily routine and education. Read more on iMDB